Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Be gooder

This will be my version of a "Tip Tuesday". While watching "The Today Show" this morning they mentioned Kid President - oh my what an energetic boy this one is.. I hope that you'll take 10 minutes and watch the following two videos - they made me smile and want to be a better citizen. If only we all kept the idealistic mind of children. ENJOY!!

"Pep Talk from Kid President"

"Kid President Changes the Future"

"Guide to Being a Party"

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Please Don't Interrupt

A sweet friend gave me a book entitled "Social Graces - Words of Wisdom on Civility in a Changing Modern World" for Christmas (Thanks, Jordan!!). She knows I have an obsession with reading etiquette-type books - not that I always follow what they say, some of it is just RIDICULOUS and outdated!

As I read a few excerpts the other day, I came across one entitled "Please Don't Interrupt". As I read, I started to think of all the reality television I watch (Real Housewives of..., Jersey Shore, etc..) and how the drama and the way these people talk to each other is glorified and entertaining. They get paid to argue and talk over each other and it is portrayed as socially acceptable.

Also in the excerpt, it discusses how we've become a society who likes the sound of our own voice and doesn't listen as we're always thinking of what we are going to say next. I am the first to say I am guilty of this at times - I always can think of an incident or story that relates to the discussion and love to share - to my own fault, sometimes I don't truly listen to others and I dominate conversation without meaning to. I also hear time and time again from my mother how upset she is when I don't let her finish a sentence because I think I know what she's going to say and interrupt with my rebuttal.

So my challenge to you is this - take a few minutes after reading and think about how you communicate with others - family, friends, colleagues, even complete strangers. Take note of instances where you've interrupted someone speaking or failed to fully listen before responding. Note how often there is a moment of silence in between people speaking.. I guarantee you they are few and far between. After you spend a few minutes self-examining - take this advice and your thoughts to heart and utilize them during your next business meeting, girls night out or  a phone conversation with a family member or friend. If we all start listening as much as talk - we might learn a few things!

I hope y'all found this as insightful as I did!

xoxo, Katrina